Repair Options for Your Flat Roof

Flat roofs otherwise known as low slope roofs have their issues just like any other roof. When these roofs are damaged, they should be repaired and there are several available options to choose from. If the damage is not extreme, then repairs should be opted for rather than a roof replacement.


One option that you have while repairing a flat roof is patching. This involves work on a specific damaged area. With this option, you can opt for different materials such as silicone or aluminum roof coating. The advantage of patchwork is that a homeowner can opt to do the task themselves. However, it’s important that one gets to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the available patching materials.

Advantages of Patching

·         This is an inexpensive way to do a repair

·         It is also easy to do regardless of whether one has experience or not

Disadvantages of Patching

·         This is not a long-term solution to a damaged roof

·         It becomes a challenge when one needs to coat a roof with a lot of patchwork

·         It can lead to expensive roofing works

Applying an Additional Layer

Instead of replacing the entire roof and still want a repair option that is effective, you can go for layering new shingles. This is commonly used by homeowners who do not want to spend lots of money tearing off the old shingles and having new ones installed. However, the options have its pros and cons.

Advantages of Layering Shingles for Repair

·         Minimal disruption during the repair works

·         Not necessary to tear off the old roof

·         Covers the damages seamlessly meaning that all the issues will be fixed

·         Its more affordable than a roof replacement

·         It’s a durable option

Disadvantages of Layering Shingles for Repair

·         Not ideal when a third layer should be installed as it becomes too heavy for the roof

Partial Repairs

It is probably several loose shingles that are causing you nightmares. If this is the case, the best repair option for your flat roof would be to replace them. They can be replaced one by one. Even if it’s one side of the roof that has issues, this option can still be used. Due to the risks of damaging other shingles while repairing, it’s important that you give the task to a professional roofing contractor.

Advantages of Partial Repairs

·         It is a cost-effective option

·         It consumers less time to fix

Disadvantages of Partial Repairs

·         It requires a thorough assessment by a professional. This is in order to confirm all the problematic areas

Recurring roof issues tend to be stressful to any homeowner. To maintain the structural integrity of a flat roof, the occurring issues should be repaired when they are identified. There are some short and long-term repair options but it is advisable that you go for the long-term options. Otherwise it will be a cycle to deal with roofing issues. A roof contractor professional is the best person to guide you in the best flat roof repair options.